Child/Youth Protection Pol

An important aspect of our mission at P.V.U.M.C. is the task of developing and nurturing an active living faith through Jesus Christ in children and youth. We are partners with parents and grandparents in helping children to experience and learn about Christ. Providing a safe environment is essential for honoring this trust.
Touch by volunteers or staff should always be safe and appropriate and not intimate in nature.
Approved adult volunteers should have six months of regular attendance or be able to demonstrate active participation in their former church. They must also complete the Screening Process.
At least two approved adults over the age of 18 or one approved adult and an unrelated teenager are required in the nursery whenever nursery care is offered regardless of the number of children present.
Whenever youth are involved in church-related activities there needs to be a third person with “objective eyes” present in addition to the adult and unrelated youth. This third person is an unrelated person over the age of nine.
Reporting (Arizona Revised Statutes): any parent, counselor, or other person having responsibility for the care or treatment of children or youth whose observation of any minor discloses reasonable grounds to believe that a minor is or has been the victim of injury, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, molestation or neglect, to report or cause a report to be made to a peace officer or the Child Protective Services of the Department of Economic Security (888-SOS-CHILD). Any person making such reports shall be immune from civil or criminal liability unless the person making the report acted with malice. Pastoral staff members are not exempt from making such reports due to privilege of confidentiality when there exists the possibility of harm to self or others.