To use the
1. click on link to go to
2. Login or registar
3. In the top right click on “Ministries”
4. In the search bar put in “Prescott Valley” and click on “search”
5. Click on Prescott Valley
6. click on the green button “Donate to Organization”
Now next time when you go to all you will have to do is login.
To shop at a store either click on the “Home” tab to see the most popular stores or go the the “Shop” tab to
choose a store.
In order make shopping faster you can make each store you like a favorite. This way you can make a your
store list on the left side of the starting page.
The first thing to look at is there an antivirus program or firewall blocking the page. In my case the Add
Block Plus and NoScript plugin in Firefox blocks stuff along with my firewall had to be told it was OK for
programs to run